It’s raining outside

So it’s peeing down out there!  So I decided to stop procrastinating and finally managed to get the website ( finished; although there’s still so much gallery wise to put up there on the site.  It took me a good 20 minutes just to figure out how to pull out some of my photography from an old Flickr account as I had previously taken everything down and the rest of it is stored on CDs in a box somewhere, so some of the old is out but mostly the new is soon to come over the next weeks.

So that’s the home page anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.59.23.png

To be honest I surprised myself somewhat in getting it pretty much done in the time I did, it helps when you’re kind of stuck indoors.  (But not for long).  Got a venture out again into the wet when I really just want to stay in but needs must, and the other half needs tins of mackerel for his diet.

He’s on a diet.

He’d go nuts if he saw this post now that I’ve mentioned he’s on a diet, but he’s doing really well at the moment in all honesty, and I’m proud of him.  He’s started doing the Atkins diet, and aims then to tone once he’s lost the weight.  My fault, I’ve been feeding him over the past year and I am a bugger for that.  I love cooking!  And I especially love cooking for other people, and yeah, my portions tend to be massive!  (Friends have accused me of being a ‘feeder’, but I only give people the same size portions that I have, then have this tendency to forget my metabolism is higher than theirs, lol.)

Since last year he went from a size 32 to 34 waist when we first got together to a 36 last month, now down to 34 being loose again a little, (and he’s given me some of his skinny jeans a few months back which I hope he’s not going to want them back once he’s lost all that weight, I’ll be without skinnies then – bugger, need to start upping his calories again, lol).

But I am proud of his determination, even if it has made him somewhat ‘hangry’ from time to time and he’s laid off the beers, going to bed early and getting more sleep, coming to the gym with me which was awesome, cycling, walking, he’s doing fab!

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent.  I was introducing my site.  And my work.

The latest part of the journey is that it’s starting all over again.  I was working freelance for a number of years doing a whole range of stuff from art and photos to writing.  But contracts got so few and far between as competition got more and more that I found myself unemployed and struggling to keep the roof over my head.  I then started temping, which feels a little bit like freelancing, especially when you find yourself ringing up the agencies you’re signed up with every couple of days pestering for some work and there’s apparently nothing available but on the job sites there’s shed loads with the same agency (hmm…) which is a bit disheartening.

So after much discussion with family, and some help also from family, I’ve manage to get a little bit of advertising and a brand spanking new website – which does need some new examples on because I’ve found myself putting up old artwork.  So I’m getting cracking with some new pieces for the site.  In the mean time, still pestering agencies for jobs as it is going to take months and months, if not, a year to get fully set up again, and it’s all baby steps.

So, enough ramblings, I hope you enjoy the site, I will keep everyone updated over the coming weeks as more work goes up on the galleries, along with my packages and prices too.





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