New Photo Project

Sitting at my best friend’s place, quite bored waiting for him to rise from his room as he had somewhat of a heavy night last night on the Amstells, I found myself going through some of my make up gear that was boxed up from my recent house move.  As I threw away loads of matted hair extensions that I didn’t need, I came across a long blonde wig.  Then it struck me.  I went into the bathroom and put the wig on.  It looked funny and awesome at the same time, and it took me back to the old days when I’d do all sorts for comedic effect, dress up daft, did a bit of stand up sometimes when I entertained on stage, comedy writing, and it gave me a brain wave…  As I took a sip of tea I had a sudden moment of inspiration for my next photo project.  As I googled the idea I came across a whole world of stuff that didn’t relate at all to my idea though there are such images out there, usually candid moments rather than collections, but this gave me the idea to do a collection and see where it goes.

And so, the first bit is the scenario planning, followed by finding people who are willing to model for the images and bear with the fact that the idea is a bit unusual but still fun doing.


I decided to do it in black and white, as I love black and white photography and took my inspiration from some of the old classics like Laurel and Hardy and the likes.  This could be great fun to do if I can rope some friends into modelling for the piccies, and my first new collection to add to the website.  And adding some really silly humour to the mix.  With a combination of make up, some costume maybe and photography, the new project could not only be a right good laugh to do, but also perhaps help towards some more commissioned photo projects.





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