I’m Samantha Katherine, Artist, Make-Up Artist and Photographer based in the North of England, and owner of skartphotographer.com.

ART  The majority of my paintings are abstract, however I do take commissions and produce everything from paintings of birds, to plants and flowers, to cartoon characters and even produce decorative murals.

Most of the work I produce is acrylic or oil on canvas, sometimes I use mixed-media (oil and acrylic, acrylic and watercolour).  I also create conceptual art, which will be appearing on the site in due course.

Indoor murals are usually either created with acrylics or water-based paint (as there are now horrible fumes to contend with, plus they are easy to paint over with emulsion if you decide to redecorate) and for outdoor murals I tend to use masonry paint or spray paints, depending upon what is required.  ​

PHOTO  Photography comprises of some art photography which I am happy to produce for sale, also I am available for hire for wedding and events photography, food photography, portraits and model portfolios.

MAKE-UP On top of my photography work I also am a certified make-up artist and am available for hire for weddings, events and pamper parties, I also have a make up and wedding photo package, so not only can I do your getting ready images I can also do your make up for bride and bridesmaids.  Details of my packages and prices are available in each Gallery section alongside examples of my work. ​

Feel free to browse my site and contact me via the website with any enquiries you may have.

Before I got into the whole blog thing, just to clarify a few things about the blog itself…

  • It is a blog linked to my site, however it is not all about art, photography and make up.  There will be a fair bit of stuff relating to my work, plus maybe some tips from time to time, but it is also a bit of a diary space with a few funnies and stuff mixed in.
  • My spelling is crap!  It’s not always crap as such, but I am prone to typo’s if I’m blogging in a hurry, sometimes my grammar can be pants too, so please bare with me (bare? bear?)
  • I won’t tolerate abusive comments/trollers, it’s an instant block if you’re being a arsehole.
  • I’m happy to share links to other artists and photographers outside of my area and also happy to collaborate with those nearby (North of England).  I’m also happy to link to anyone else who is interesting, amusing and generally awesome who wants a little bit of social word of mouth for their business.  But I won’t cover my blog in ads, just to let you know.  Introduce yourself, network and I’ll give your link a share and your page a like, and hope you’ll do the same for me.